'F' TLD Domain Extensions

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TLD Type Sponsor Registered
.fagegTLDFage International S.A.62
.failgTLDAtomic Pipe, LLC3,735
.fairwindsgTLDFairWinds Partners, LLC4
.faithgTLDdot Faith Limited4,774
.familygTLDUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.29,805
.fangTLDAsiamix Digital Ltd6,251
.fansgTLDAsiamix Digital Limited6,467
.farmgTLDJust Maple, LLC25,980
.farmersgTLDFarmers Insurance Exchange1
.fashiongTLDTop Level Domain Holdings Limited12,801
.fastgTLDAmazon Registry Services, Inc.1
.fedexgTLDFederal Express Corporation1
.feedbackgTLDTop Level Spectrum, Inc.957
.ferrarigTLDFiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.1
.ferrerogTLDFerrero Trading Lux S.A.6
.ficcTLDFinnish Communications Regulatory Authority504,851
.fiatgTLDFiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.1
.fidelitygTLDFidelity Brokerage Services LLC1
.fidogTLDRogers Communications Canada Inc.1
.filmgTLDMotion Picture Domain Registry Pty Ltd5,557
.finalgTLDNúcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto BR - NIC.br1
.financegTLDCotton Cypress, LLC43,171
.financialgTLDJust Cover, LLC6,885
.firegTLDAmazon Registry Services, Inc.1
.firestonegTLDBridgestone Licensing Services, Inc.2
.firmdalegTLDFirmdale Holdings Limited48
.fishgTLDFox Woods, LLC5,405
.fishinggTLDTop Level Domain Holdings Limited1,826
.fitgTLDMinds + Machines Group Limited55,582
.fitnessgTLDBrice Orchard, LLC13,211
.fjccTLDThe University of the South Pacific IT Services3,758
.fkccTLDFalkland Islands Government150
.flickrgTLDYahoo! Domain Services Inc.1
.flightsgTLDFox Station, LLC1,954
.flirgTLDFLIR Systems, Inc.2
.floristgTLDHalf Cypress, LLC2,120
.flowersgTLDUniregistry, Corp.1,155
.flygTLDCharleston Road Registry Inc.2
.fmccTLDFSM Telecommunications Corporation18,623
.foccTLDFO Council5,776
.foogTLDCharleston Road Registry Inc.34
.foodgTLDLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.1
.foodnetworkgTLDLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.1
.footballgTLDFoggy Farms, LLC6,107
.fordgTLDFord Motor Company6
.forsalegTLDUnited TLD Holdco, LLC5,048
.forumgTLDFegistry, LLC320
.foundationgTLDJohn Dale, LLC19,932
.foxgTLDFOX Registry, LLC154
.frccTLDAssociation Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (A.F.N.I.C.)3,801,749
.freegTLDAmazon Registry Services, Inc.1
.freseniusgTLDFresenius Immobilien-Verwaltungs-GmbH41
.frlgTLDFRLregistry B.V.12,044
.frontdoorgTLDLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.2
.frontiergTLDFrontier Communications Corporation1
.ftrgTLDFrontier Communications Corporation2
.fujitsugTLDFujitsu Limited2
.fujixeroxgTLDXerox DNHC LLC6
.fungTLDDotSpace, Inc.227,261
.fundgTLDJohn Castle, LLC20,350
.furnituregTLDLone Fields, LLC3,368
.futbolgTLDUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd.2,261
.fyigTLDSilver Tigers, LLC33,636
Total 'F' TLDs

Currently there are 66 TLDs starting with the letter 'F'.