'H' TLD Domain Extensions

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TLD Type Sponsor Registered
.hairgTLDXYZ.COM LLC1,965
.hamburggTLDHamburg Top-Level-Domain GmbH20,150
.hangoutgTLDCharleston Road Registry Inc.1
.hausgTLDUnited TLD Holdco, LTD.7,949
.hbogTLDHBO Registry Services, Inc.1
.hdfcbankgTLDHDFC Bank Limited2
.healthgTLDDotHealth, LLC27,775
.healthcaregTLDSilver Glen, LLC10,500
.helpgTLDUniregistry, Corp.18,166
.helsinkigTLDCity of Helsinki11
.heregTLDCharleston Road Registry Inc.3
.hermesgTLDHermes International5
.hgtvgTLDLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.1
.hiphopgTLDUniregistry, Corp.577
.hisamitsugTLDHisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co.,Inc.27
.hitachigTLDHitachi, Ltd.17
.hivgTLDUniregistry, Corp.252
.hkccTLDHong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Ltd.237,342
.hktgTLDPCCW-HKT DataCom Services Limited1
.hmccTLDHM Domain Registry64,586
.hnccTLDRed de Desarrollo Sostenible Honduras8,140
.hockeygTLDHalf Willow, LLC1,526
.holdingsgTLDJohn Madison, LLC8,543
.holidaygTLDGoose Woods, LLC4,041
.homedepotgTLDHomer TLC, Inc.1
.homegoodsgTLDThe TJX Companies, Inc.1
.homesgTLDDERHomes, LLC14,630
.homesensegTLDThe TJX Companies, Inc.1
.hondagTLDHonda Motor Co., Ltd.5
.honeywellgTLDHoneywell GTLD LLC1
.horsegTLDTop Level Domain Holdings Limited3,001
.hospitalgTLDRuby Pike, LLC2,188
.hostgTLDDotHost Inc.35,731
.hostinggTLDUniregistry, Corp.3,033
.hotgTLDAmazon Registry Services, Inc.1
.hotelesgTLDTravel Reservations SRL51
.hotelsgTLDBooking.com B.V.1
.hotmailgTLDMicrosoft Corporation20
.housegTLDSugar Park, LLC25,836
.howgTLDCharleston Road Registry Inc.3,152
.hrccTLDCARNet - Croatian Academic and Research Network110,012
.hsbcgTLDHSBC Holdings PLC19
.htccTLDConsortium FDS/RDDH2,847
.htcgTLDHTC corporation1
.huccTLDCouncil of Hungarian Internet Providers (CHIP)839,212
.hughesgTLDHughes Satellite Systems Corporation1
.hyattgTLDHyatt GTLD, L.L.C.22
.hyundaigTLDHyundai Motor Company1
Total 'H' TLDs

Currently there are 49 TLDs starting with the letter 'H'.