'I' TLD Domain Extensions

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TLD Type Sponsor Registered
.ibmgTLDInternational Business Machines Corporation1
.icbcgTLDIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited1
.icegTLDIntercontinentalExchange, Inc.8
.icugTLDOne.com A/S492,104
.idccTLDPerkumpulan Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia (PANDI)450,331
.ieccTLDUniversity College Dublin Computing Services Computer Centre304,580
.ieeegTLDIEEE Global LLC6
.ifmgTLDifm electronic gmbh51
.iinetgTLDConnect West Pty. Ltd.1
.ikanogTLDIkano S.A.27
.ilccTLDInternet Society of Israel260,001
.imccTLDIsle of Man Government31,093
.imamatgTLDFondation Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation)3
.imdbgTLDAmazon Registry Services, Inc.1
.immogTLDAuburn Bloom, LLC18,813
.immobiliengTLDUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.7,138
.inccTLDNational Internet Exchange of India2,585,685
.incgTLDIntercap Holdings Inc.3,873
.industriesgTLDOuter House, LLC6,130
.infogTLDAfilias Limited3,823,334
.inggTLDCharleston Road Registry Inc.2
.inkgTLDTop Level Design, LLC38,971
.institutegTLDOuter Maple, LLC14,523
.insurancegTLDfTLD Registry Services LLC184
.insuregTLDPioneer Willow, LLC5,862
.intsTLDInternet Assigned Numbers Authority207
.intelgTLDIntel Corporation7
.internationalgTLDWild Way, LLC27,029
.intuitgTLDIntuit Administrative Services, Inc.1
.investmentsgTLDHolly Glen, LLC6,231
.ioccTLDIO Top Level Domain Registry Cable and Wireless754,751
.ipirangagTLDIpiranga Produtos de Petroleo S.A.39
.iqccTLDCommunications and Media Commission (CMC)2,305
.irccTLDInstitute for Research in Fundamental Sciences1,178,775
.irishgTLDDot-Irish LLC3,340
.isccTLDISNIC - Internet Iceland ltd.71,927
.iselectgTLDiSelect Ltd86
.ismailigTLDFondation Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation)12
.istgTLDIstanbul Metropolitan Municipality8,081
.istanbulgTLDIstanbul Metropolitan Municipality6,708
.itccTLDIIT - CNR3,119,755
.itaugTLDItau Unibanco Holding S.A.18
.itvgTLDITV Services Limited14
.ivecogTLDCNH Industrial N.V.1
.iwcgTLDRichemont DNS Inc.3
Total 'I' TLDs

Currently there are 46 TLDs starting with the letter 'I'.